Targeted Advertising

At DigiPro Marketing LLC we work together with our clients to design and implement Facebook Advertising campaigns to increase your bottom line and build trust with your customers.
Facebook is massive. It is the biggest source of online display advertising in the world. In fact, more advertising views are generated by Facebook than its next three largest competitors combined.
This means that with Facebook you can find your ideal target audience and get your offer in front of the eyes that matter. It also means that you can use Facebook traffic to increase your sales volume by an enormous amount. Finally, it means that if you don’t use Facebook effectively, you will fall behind your competition that is using it.

Decades of Combined Experience at Your Fingertips

Our team of award-winning copy writers, amazing graphic designers, extremely talented sales funnel builders and world class customer relations managers will work tirelessly to deliver unparalleled results to your business.
We have years of experience with creating, executing and optimizing digital marketing strategies across multiple platforms that produce measurable and impressive Returns On Investment.

Why Chose US? Simple, We Offer What No One Else Does!

  • Incentive based pricing which allows you to save up to 10% when agreeing to extended terms.
  • We offer a simple, no penalty opt out clause. We were too busy writing ad copy that we forgot to write any fine print into our agreements. Our mistake is your win. If you need to opt out of the agreement at any time, 30 days written notice is all it takes. No strings, no fine print, NO penalty.
  • We offer a 100% performance based guarantee, so if we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.


Facebook Ads

We create a complete sales funnel from ad to landing page and thank you page. Its all included as well as many more benefits listed below

Messenger Chatbots

These are all the rave right now and rightfully so. They take a standard ad and turn it into a conversation. It allows you to garner information about your prospects without “quizzing” them. It is interactive which, in turn, is more engaging to subscribers. Follow up is much easier also. This is AI at its finest!


Are you ready to ramp up your advertising efforts? Let’s get started today. Schedule a time to talk with a representative now.

  • THE INTERVIEW – Before we get started, we need to understand exactly who we’re trying to target, what they might be interested in and how they might respond to certain things. We are going to spend several hours with you and your business to determine your exact ideal customer. After all, it would be difficult to advertise for you if we don’t know you.
  • CAMPAIGN CREATION – At DigiPro Marketing we do not rely on only one style of campaign. We use several types including value, association, promo, curiosity, proof and credibility campaigns just to name a few to ensure we are running the optimal campaign for your business. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with the direction of the ad and subsequent pages prior to moving to the next step in the process. If you are not comfortable we are not comfortable.
  • CAMPAIGN LAUNCH – The process doesn’t stop once the ad is launched. In fact, as detailed as the previous steps are, it only scratches the surface of what we offer. After the campaign is launched we continue to improve it daily using advanced techniques such as:
    • Split-test your advertisements – Headlines, descriptions, images. We create multiple versions of each to find an ideal combination for every prospect.
    • Facebook Re-targeting – We will re-target visitors to your website (with ads directed specifically at them) that can’t be missed. They are dropped directly into their news feed and appear right along with updates from their friends. Don’t have a website? No worries, we will also re-target all persons who interacted with the advertisement we are running. They showed interest in your product or service, so we go get them.
    • Advanced targeting – We have the option to import you email list and target your contacts there. In addition, we also use ‘lookalike’ audience targeting to expand the size of your list.

Our Turnkey Advertising Services Include

Facebook Advertisement

Using demographics, interests and behaviors we are capable of specifically targeting your ideal customer. The end result is a prospect generation machine.

Landing Page

Design a laser focused Landing Page highlighting your company’s strengths and products or services

Thank You Page

Create a custom designed Thank You Page used to up-sell clients who choose to take immediate action

Email Drip Sequence

Generate up to 5 emails for an automated drip sequence to nurture and follow up with prospects (custom designed for your company and location)

Call Tracking

Implement a call tracking system including call recording allowing you to review calls to ensure they are being handled appropriately

SMS Notifications

Setup instant SMS text notifications for new leads as they are received providing you valuable response time to customer inquiries

Engagement Campaign

Write a Facebook PPE (Page Post Engagement) ad. These campaigns are designed to maximize engagement on the ads. Social proof is critical to the overall success of the campaign

Email Notifications

Setup email notifications for new prospects (in addition to the SMS) to allow for integration into your CRM system

Advanced Targeting

Create highly targeted audiences from your email lists and lookalike audiences. These are very powerful warm market audiences who, when targeted properly, increase your bottom line exponentially

Real Time Online Client Portal

Provide a real time online client portal to access your campaign insights. No need to wait for us to send the next report. Transparency is absolutely a key to a successful partnership


We back our performance with a 100% Performance Guarantee. If we do not meet the agreed upon metrics we will not charge you